The Founding of Irvington:
Creating A Thriving Village
From Farmland

A Zoom Presentation

May 17, 2020

         In 1849 Justus Dearman and his family made the decision to sell their farm with the hope of creating a completely new Village.  Building on the arrival of the Hudson River Rail Road, in ten short years the rolling pastures of the Dearman Farm became a thriving community of homes, small businesses and industry.  This talk will highlight the individuals who made this possible, and the steps they took to create the foundations of the Village of Irvington as we know it today.

The Tiffany/Matthiessen Estate
Gifts to the Village

That Keep Giving

A Zoom Presentation

June 14, 2020

       Between 1863 and 1945, the 62-acre estate just to the north of Historic Downtown Irvington was largely owned by three families, each of which left an indelible imprint on our Village.  These remarkable families – the Tiffanys, the Dunhams and the Matthiessens – lived widely celebrated lives.  Their ties to Irvington were strong, however, and each contributed remarkable gifts to the local community that continue to enrich our Village today. This talk will highlight those individuals, and the legacies they left.



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